human sadness

Modern Vampires of the City / Favourite Lyrics / Don’t Lie

The songs we wrote at eighteen seem shortsighted and naïve.

The Wonder Years || Hoodie Weather (x)


The day after you stole my heart everything I touched told me
It would be better shared with you

Fire and the Thud - Arctic Monkeys


Sun went down so beautiful

leider kenn ich dich nicht wirklich, aber dein tumblr ist super cool und ich könnte alles auf einmal rebloggen, du scheinst voll cool drauf zu sein und wir müssen mal mehr reden :-)


HI HELLO sorry for not realizing it was u earlier that was kinda :/ of me!!! ANYWAY !!!! I LOVE U SO Much i cannot put into words how much i love u. ur like my big sister and i love talking to u and i cherish ur existence so much like ?? talking to u always makes me happy. ur such a great person and i hope ur doing well in college and i hope ppl are treating u nicely bc u deserve all the nice in the world !!! ur a lil angel ily please dont forget that !!!